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J.T.M. Food Group

JTM Food Group prepares better-tasting, fully cooked, healthier, easy-to-use culinary solutions you can trust.

Readymade foods

Let’s create great dishes together.

Founded in 1960 by Jack Maas, Sr., JTM originated as Maas Brothers Meats and in 1974 was renamed Jack Maas Meats. To be reflective of the continued growth of the business, in 1980 the company became known by its present name—JTM Food Group.

JTM Food Group is an international, multi-segmented, forward-thinking food processing company still rooted in the same principals of the original butcher shop: quality and value. For four generations, the campus of food professionals at JTM has provided great-tasting, quality foods and the highest level of customer service, both domestically and abroad, to customers who demand the best.

JTM Foods
JTM Foods pretzels and cheese

What they bring to the table

Flavors & Products: Kettle-Crafted Culinary Solutions

  • Mexican/Hispanic/Tex-Mex Sauces and Queso • Italian sauces • Asian Sauces • Condensed Soups • Chili • Side & Appetizers • Comfort Fare • Bavarian Pretzels • Mac & Cheese • Beer Cheese

Custom formulation to your specifications.

Collaborating to provide the best solutions to the foodservice industry.

Partnering with JTM means working with some of the industry’s best, including a dedicated team of support professionals. The JTM team will work hand in hand with your operation to make sure your next product rollout is a success.

JTM Kettle Cooked


extensive kettle lineup

Just about any item which an operator would typically make in a pot, skillet, or pan, JTM has perfected through its kettle-cooked operation. 


JTM Bakery Products

Bavarian Pretzels

state-of-the-art bakery operation

No matter what style of pretzel you are looking for J.T.M. has you covered.  From Bites, to Twists and sticks, J.T.M. has your pretzel needs covered

JTM new products

New Products

great-tasting, quality foods

Creating new and innovative product offerings at unprecedented levels, all while still being true to the core butcher’s shop principles.

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While we don’t work 24 hours a day, we are available to you 24 hours a day and always willing to get back with you!  It’s how we do things at BFG!

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