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For more than 60 years, Home Market Foods has been bringing deliciously flavorful foods to customers looking for quality, variety, and convenience. As a major provider of high-quality meatballs, frankfurters, sausages, chicken, and meal components, our focus has always been on making it easy for you to offer craveable, great-tasting foods to your valued customers and guests. Deliver on the flavor, variety and convenience today’s consumers are looking for with premium brands from Home Market Foods. Our innovative, forward-thinking culinary team leads the industry with a commitment to providing craveable products that make eating on-the-go fun! With safety as our mantra and quality at our core, we are your go-to provider for all things “delicious.” We Provide the Main Ingredient for Your Favorite Meal or Snack.
home market foods

What they bring to the table

Flavors & Products

  • Fully cooked fresh and frozen meatballs, fire-grilled chicken, and chicken bites.
  • Premium sausages and frankfurters.

Custom product development to suit your specific needs (minimums apply)

60+ Years of Providing Craveable Proteins

Whether you’re looking to create a memorable family meal or event or satisfy your hunger with a protein packed snack while on the go, each of our brands are thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind. With a wide range of products to chose from, each brand delivers on our promise of providing the main ingredient for your favorite meal or snack and making convenience a top priority for you.

fire grilled chicken

Cooked Perfect®

100% White Meat Chicken

Made from 100% white-meat chicken and seasoned with savory spices, our Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken delivers deliciously bold flavor across your menu.
cooked perfect meatballs

Cooked Perfect®


Fully cooked meatball varieties provide an extremely versatile menu option — from appetizers and main dishes to grab-and-go and handheld favorites.

hot dogs


frankfurters and sausages

Carefully crafted with a passion for quality, Eisenberg Franks deliver only the best cuts of beef and all-natural spices, for deliciously awesome flavor!

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